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“Duracell is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of high-performance alkaline batteries, complemented by a strong portfolio of specialty cells and rechargeable.”

Duracell batteries power many devices across the globe like torches, heart rate monitors, smoke detectors, game consoles, headphones or toys such as the Hasbro lightsaber.As the leader in the personal power category, Duracell has a rich history of innovation continuously introducing batteries that are more compact, more powerful and longer lasting than competitor brands.Since 1973, the Duracell Bunny has been at the heart of the brand demonstrating Duracell's stronger and longer lasting power.Today, Bunny is one of the most recognised brand icons in the world.

Having recently found its permanent home within Berkshire Hathaway (ranked #4 World's Most Admired Companies by Fortune Magazine), Duracell will continue to focus on sustainable growth, industry-leading innovation and creating long term value for our customers and consumers.At Duracell integrity, end to end accountability across all levels, fast decision making and a “can do” attitude is highly valued. Powered by those, Duracell -a multi-national and multi-cultural company –is committed to become the world's undisputed #1 Personal Power Company.


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1920s Beginning Of Our Story

Our story begins in the early 1920s with an inventive scientist named Samuel Ruben and an eager manufacturer of tungsten filament wire named Philip Rogers Mallory. Ruben came to the P.R. Mallory Company seeking a piece of equipment he needed for an experiment. But Ruben and Mallory saw an opportunity: Uniting Ruben’s inventive genius with Mallory’s manufacturing muscle. Their partnership, which would last until Mallory's death in 1975, was the bedrock of Duracell International.

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1940s First Batteries for the (fighting) Masses

The first extensive mass usage of Mallory batteries happened during a rather unfortunate event: the Second World War. Mallory batteries powered soldier’s torches and walkie-talkie, enabling them to reach out to their fellow comrades.

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1950s The Transistor starts a Revolution

In the early fifties a true revolution happened which still influences our life today, of which our smartphones and tablets are the latest evolution: the miniaturization and portability of devices. The invention of the transistor allowed to virtually shrink devices, such as the radio. Listening to the radio meant either staying at home or getting in a car (if you had one). Overnight an entire population could buy a very affordable small radio they could throw in a bag to take to the beach, to a pick-nick, camping…, basically to every place they wished to go. And this new generation of radios needed a reliable, superior source of power: Mallory (later Duracell) batteries. The trend of miniaturization also affected medical dvices. The Mallory Company was the first one to produce button cell batteries to power smaller much more convenient hearing aids.

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1960s Duracell First Battery On The Moon

The company’s first alkaline batteries are marketed under the Mallory brand name. These new generation batteries are specifically designed for and supplied to Kodak to help feed its energy hungry Instamatic camera with built-in flash. In 1965, Duracell brand name is introduced along with a push for consumer-driven programs and products. Batteries are directly supplied to Agfa, Kodak and Polaroid, producers of a new generation of portable consumer devices such as tape recorders and walkie-talkies. In 1969, Duracell is part of the Apollo 11 mission and becomes the first battery on the moon.

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1970s Birth of the Icon

In 1971, Duracell introduces its iconic copper & black colors which symbolize the conductivity, strength and superiority of its battery formula. Duracell batteries are the first batteries to advertise on TV, and quickly become part of everyday household vernacular, with the catchy advertising slogan: “No other battery looks like it. No other battery lasts like it.” In 1973, Birth of the Duracell Bunny. New York advertising agency Dancer, Fitzgerald and Sample create the memorable ‘Drumming Bunny’ TV advertisement. Ever since, the bunny has epitomized Duracell’s superior battery longevity compared to ordinary zinc carbon batteries. Over the years, the Bunny character has evolved from a simple toy into a playful and well-loved brand icon who adds warmth and personality to the Duracell brand.

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1980s Portable Cassette Players conquer the world

The trend of miniaturization and portability reaches its new peak with the Sony Walkman letting people enjoy their music wherever they go. Millions of portable cassette players become the entertaining companion for young and old across the globe – all battery powered. No wonder that Duracell becomes the world leader in alkaline batteries.

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1990s The birth of the PowerCheck

Duracell is again at the forefront of innovation and becomes the chosen battery of the first wireless Logitech mouse. Shortly after that Duracell introduces PowerCheck, allowing consumers checking the remaining power level. Batteries can be given a second life in another device which has lower energy needs. This first-of-its-kind innovation creates value for consumers and helps to reduces battery waste.

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2000s Permanent Home within Berkshire Hathaway

After many acquisitions throughout its history (including becoming part of P&G in 2005), Duracell has at last found its permanent home within the Berkshire Hathaway family. Duracell will continue to focus on sustainable growth, industry-leading innovation and creating long term value for its customers and consumers to become the world’s undisputed #1 Personal Power Company.

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2019 Launched Optimum Technology & Bunny Talks

In 2019 the Duracell Bunny got an exciting update; for the first time, a voice! Duracell launched a brand new Campaign called Power On. With his new voice the Duracell Bunny is on a very special mission to motivate devices of the world to power on, so that you can power on for longer. Duracell Optimum is our most groundbreaking innovation to date. We use a unique formulation that helps improve the performance of your devices


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