At Duracell we operated in a highly flexible working culture, guided by our Company values, focused on winning externally, innovating and driving value for our customers and our employees. With this philosophy, the place of work is entirely task dependent. While employees perform the more individual work remotely, they come together at the office or a commonly agreed place for collaboration, brainstorming, socializing, key decision making and any other interaction for which as a team they see incremental value meeting face to face. Flexibility goes beyond location and also include time flexibility. Common working hours are defined to enable team productivity and interaction, while employees are given the freedom to manage their own schedule according to their workload.


We trust each of our team members to best know how, when and where they are the most productive to deliver on the agreed individual performance goals and expected results. However, collective productivity always comes ahead of personal work preferences and the flexible working set-up is reassessed ongoing between the employee, the manager and team/functional leader to ensure sustainable individual and team productivity.

Effective collaboration and communication are at the center of our decisions. Much of the work we do is achieved through others; we will always start with that in mind. The team collaboration is enabled through a portfolio of technology options and different type of work spaces to serve the variety of needs.

We recognize the diversity of personal circumstances which make remote working more practical for some than others. We offer solutions that meet individual and team needs, and factor in the differences in professional readiness that will require more in person interactions for a defined time.

Understanding Employees’ feelings about new model

Employees worldwide have participated in surveys at regular intervals to see how they feel about working from home. The surveys revealed that 95 percent of the employees felt equally or more efficient working remotely while recognizing the importance and value of in person meetings once or twice a week. Employees report having gained in overall productivity, being able to spend more quality time with family and friends and for themselves personally, therefore increasing overall employee performance.

Home Set-Up

Duracell provides support to its employees to equip their home working space according to the Company guidance. This includes items such as ergonomic desk, chair, lockable cabinet, footrest, monitor, headphones… in addition to laptop and phone to ensure that all employees experience office comfort and productivity also at home.


When we say Growth and Development, we mean the opportunity to develop skills and gain additional experiences to support Duracell’s evolving business strategy.

At the heart of Duracell is our desire for all our employees to develop to their full potential. We believe that a key part of our success rests in our ability to communicate our goals for growth, share how each team member contributes to reaching those goals, and give the tools and support to develop. When we say Growth and Development, we mean the opportunity to develop skills and gain additional experiences to support Duracell’s evolving business strategy.
We also believe that managers play a key role as stewards of guiding employee development – one employee at a time. They take care to personally understand each employee’s strengths, growth opportunities, and career aspirations, and are intentional in matching employee learning style and needs to Growth and Development offerings.

Our Growth and Development approach is personalized, intentional and evolving. We put the employee at its center. Each employee owns their personal growth and development. While managers are there to support and help see potential and needs of their direct reports, only employees can articulate what it is they desire from their career and hold themselves accountable for following through.
Leaders set the tone for Growth and Development at Duracell. They serve as champions for embracing and charting careers across the organization, starting with their own direct reports. Leaders actively develop each direct report through coaching.

Our Three-step Framework

As our Company evolves, so do the Growth and Development opportunities. We focus on providing the foundation for making decisions about each individual’s career, not prescribing the exact journey. We believe that personal development is not a “one size fits all”. We encourage growth that considers an employee’s unique strengths, development and desires. To guide the development process we have a three-step framework:


It starts with each individual defining their North Star. It’s not only about a job but also what type of impact the person wants to have and what are the things they enjoy doing.


It’s the phase when manager and employee come together to discuss how to map the employee’s desire with what the business needs. It connects the aspirations with experiences and training that help each person achieve their career goals. Duracell provides a range of opportunities both big and small to learn and grow each day – through coaching as well as daily experiences and interactions with colleagues. To supplement learning through experiences, there are also a variety of formal training options available that focus on functional areas, leadership and soft skills.


This step is where employees take action based on what they discovered in the previous stages. Grow includes shorter- and long-term actions that you map out to chart your unique career journey.
In summary developing our employees is a crucial part of our business success at Duracell. Therefore, we value providing opportunities and experiences that allow employees to further refine their strengths. As our business strategy evolves, our career development program offerings grow as well, in support of personalized career journeys.

Core Behavioral Competencies

Core Competencies have been developed to create a common language and clearly identified expectations for each individual to support their personal development and to achieve their growth and development goals. Those competencies also help make more effective and efficient talent decision during the hiring, personal development and succession planning/talent review processes. We have identified 4 Core Behavioral Competencies based on individual and group discussions that took place within each function globally about what is critical to accomplish our Duracell business strategy. Those competencies are consistent for all employees in Duracell and are described according to job leveling.


  • Explore Possibilities Pursues actionable opportunities to create the future of of the Company and Category
  • Builds Partnerships: Fosters connections and collaboration to deliver the Duracell Strategy
  • Acts as an Owner: Drives action with integrity and agility
  • Develops Self & Others: Focuses on growth to the benefit of all


Duracell’s commitment to sustainability is not a recent undertaking. We view sustainability as creating lasting value for our employees and stakeholders as well as reducing our environmental footprint. Duracell’s sustainability strategy is built on three pillars: People, Partners & Planet. We maintain the highest workplace standards for our employees, always trustfully engage with our partners and communities we operate in, and we constantly lower our environmental impact. The very fact that our batteries are long-lasting helps to prevent unnecessary waste.

We pioneered the use of sustainably sourced cardboard, to remove plastic from our packaging and to make it easier to recycle. We also led the industry in forming recycling schemes in Europe to ensure that the materials from waste batteries are reused.
These are just a few examples of the leadership that Duracell has shown in the area of sustainability and many more can be found in our Europe & Africa Sustainability Report.