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Duracell Global Shared Services

GSS is a customer centric organization, delivering compliant, reliable and high value services with a highly skilled team that is a reference point across the organization centralizing the following services:

  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payables
  • Order Management
  • Master Data
  • Internal Control Data Governance
  • Projects
  • Vision

    • Inspire trust, respect and commitment
    • Talk straight and deliver results
    • Act as value architect for the organization
    • Build diligent and continuous improvement mindset
    • Master technical, statutory and process expertise

    Consolidate as a global center of excellence focused on process simplification and standardization, innovation, and agility.

    Deliver best-in-class customer service, strong compliance, and cost efficiencies.

    Strengthen our position as a global organization that retains regional talent and capability that can best serve our business through languages and time zone support, while remaining a talent pool for the organization.

    Employee Testimonials

    Lidia Niculai

    Global Senior Director GSS

    “Building and leading Duracell Global Shared Services is a tremendous honor and responsibility. Leading global teams is not only a great privilege but an opportunity for me to grow as a leader, break cultural barriers, understand and learn, listen to the voices of our teams and take genuine care of each of them. I lead with Love and Passion because to me these are the most important aspects of leadership. Leading with love for me means knowing and caring about our people and what inspires and empowers them. It's about caring enough to know what is important to them and helping them succeed. Leading with love is looking for good people that go beyond their daily work, challenge the status quo by believing and carrying my vision, not only following it. We sharpen our leadership skills by challenging and developing self-awareness and understanding our impact on others."

    Steven Bosman

    Accounts Receivables

    “Working at Duracell means working with clear objectives and having the space, tools and support to work on them and making sure you are continually learning and growing professionally and as a person. Duracell SSC is an amazing diverse environment where we work with people from all over the world, a great work environment where anyone can be themselves”

    Eva Nuñez

    Accounts Receivables

    “I joined the company in the middle of the pandemic, at the beginning of 2021, and what I would highlight at this point is the “family atmosphere”. Independently on your hierarchy, you're included in everything like one more of the family. People are friendly and always available to help. It's a pleasure to work in this kind of atmosphere. I'm glad I made this change and I hope to grow in the company by learning more every day”

    Iker Bilbao

    Accounts Payables

    “Duracell is a company where you can grow professionally. All the projects we make keep us motivated to get the best of ourselves and improve every day. The atmosphere is incredible, and we all work to build synergies between the different teams. Right now, I can't imagine working anywhere else”

    Emilie Strobbe

    Accounts Payables

    “I was one of the first employees to join Duracell during the pandemic and I couldn´t be happier about my choice! It was a big challenge to start a new job working remotely but everything went really smooth and since day one I received all the support I needed. The atmosphere in the company is really nice and we are always there to support each other, we work as one unit and keep the good vibes through difficult times. Definitely it is a very good place where to work and grow professionally”

    Miriam Aranda

    Global IT

    “I am very proud to be part of this Duracell Bunny family. During the past years I was given opportunities to grow personally and professionally to different roles that resonated better for me bringing enough challenges to me to continue learn. At one point I even decided to change function and the Company fully supported me in this change. Today I like what I do, and I see how my contributions make a positive difference for Duracell. What makes a real difference in my day to day is the good collaboration and good will of my colleagues to do the right thing for the Company. I also appreciate the flexibility given by Duracell to work from home”

    Agnieszka Nowak

    Regional Finance

    “What I particularly like about Duracell as an employer is its extraordinary relationship with us as employees, based on trust and integrity. First of all, Duracell takes care of its employees better than anyone else on the market, making sure your daily work can be delivered at best quality and in safe conditions, so important in recent months. Secondly, Duracell makes you feel rewarded and help you grow in the desired direction in supportive and collaboration-aimed environment, being surrounded by best professionals willing to share their valuable experience. Finally, I think there is no better place where your ideas can be really heard and actually impact the business, no matter the level you have in the Company”

    Brenda Aguilar

    Accounts Receivables

    “I am very happy and proud to be a part of the Duracell Team. Since I started my experience in the Company, I have received continuous care and trust, considering the very special support for me and my family in our transfer from Mexico to Spain. We are like a family, working as a great team to achieve the results, continue growing together, delivering the results with constant new challenges, and the most important, always being available to support and help any co-worker at any time. I can breathe a pleasant, friendly, collaborative and trustworthy working environment which is not easy to find anywhere else”

    Giovanna Said

    Order to Cash

    “Joining the Duracell Family has been one of the most enriching professional experiences I've ever had. When I moved to another continent, I was not sure how I was going to continue growing in my career but in the GSS I found a Company that not only values my previous knowledge and skills, but they allowed me to continue growing in a Global environment. In Duracell you can feel the support between individual teams, departments and countries, working as a strong united force. You can always find a colleague ready to help or to collaborate on a new project. I am really grateful for this experience”